Nevada Accounting Schools

Nevada’s public and private universities maintain a broad array of accounting programs for students looking to begin careers in accounting by earning a degree or certificate. The following outline of accounting schools in Nevada is designed to help you understand and compare your options. As an alternative to traditional on-campus programs, online accounting schools are another option to consider, which may offer greater opportunities for specialization and self-directed study.

Quick School Facts

  • 6 public colleges and universities offer an accounting degree program in Nevada.
  • 5 private colleges and universities offer an accounting degree in Nevada.
  • 4 schools offer a certificate in accounting.
  • 5 schools offer an associate’s degree in accounting.
  • 5 schools offer a bachelor’s degree in accounting.
  • No schools ranked in Businessweek’s Top Undergraduate Business Programs in 2013.
  • No schools ranked in US News Best Business Schools in 2013 (graduate schools).

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AACSB Accredited Accounting Programs in Nevada

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business is a globally recognized organization that provides accreditation for undergraduate and graduate accounting programs. Only 180 accounting programs are currently accredited and have been found to meet the rigorous standards established by the AACSB. The following accounting programs in Nevada have been accredited by the AACSB:

  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Lee Business School)
  • University of Nevada, Reno (College of Business Administration)

Highest First-Time CPA Exam Pass Rate with a Bachelor’s Degree

The following schools had the highest first-time CPA exam pass rates in Nevada in 2013 for candidates with a bachelor’s degree:

  1. University of Nevada Las Vegas 46.9%
  2. University of Nevada Reno

This list includes the top schools in Nevada with at least 20 candidates. There were 2 schools in Nevada that sent first-time candidates with a bachelor’s degree and the pass rate ranged from 46.6% to 46.9% (including schools with fewer than 20 candidates) according to the 2013 NASBA report. For data on all schools, see the 2013 NASBA Uniform CPA Examination Candidate Performance report provided by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy.

Nevada Accounting Graduate Degree Programs

University of Nevada

The Master of Science in Accounting degree from University of Nevada at Las Vegas’ Lee Business School helps ready students to become valued and trusted members of the business world. Classes are designed to prepare students to take the CPA exam in the state (or other states with similar exam requirements). Students applying to the master’s program at the school do not need to have a bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Business to be considered, but must have completed the required foundational courses for the discipline.

University of Nevada – Reno

At the University of Nevada at Reno, the Master of Accountancy program focuses on giving students the tools they need to fill leadership positions in the business world. An undergraduate in accounting is not necessary for acceptance into the program, but those who do not have one will have to pass the GMAT in order to be considered. The school’s Accounting and Information Technology programs are housed under the same department, offering students a uniquely diversified education opportunity – including the option to pursue a combined Accounting/IT degree.

Nevada Accounting Undergraduate Degree Programs

Sierra Nevada College

Sierra Nevada College offers undergraduate business degrees in all areas of the discipline, including accounting. The program is designed to work for those looking toward eventual CPA certification, as well as those who wish to enter the workforce as soon as possible. Class sizes are kept to a minimum and students are offered hands-on training wherever possible. Students are also given priority consideration for local internships.

Great Basin College

Great Basin College in Henderson offers students two-year (associate’s) accounting degrees to further their existing careers or to enhance their appeal to employers. This can be a good starting point for students who aren’t sure how far they want to pursue their education in the field since all of the classes establish the principles that will be built upon during a bachelor’s and/or master’s program.

Career Opportunities for Accounting Grads in Nevada

There are many possible career paths for accounting program graduates in Nevada. Since many large corporations like Allegiant Air and Carroll Shelby International are based in the state, there are a lot of opportunities available for those who have accounting and business expertise and training. Nevada’s thriving gaming industry employs a vast number of accounting and tax experts since accountants can be trusted to gather data and use it objectively to analyze, project, and correct financial situations.

Nevada CPA Requirements

Nevada requires that CPA candidates have 150 credit hours logged before they can take the test. While a master’s degree is not required, many choose to obtain their graduate degree in order to fulfill the credit requirement for the exam and also to give themselves a competitive edge in the job market. Before he or she can be fully licensed, a candidate must fulfill a minimum of 2 years experience in public accounting and at least 700 hours of that must be auditing work.

Nevada Accounting Salary and Jobs by Metro Area

Metro Area Accountants & Auditors Employed Average Annual Salary
Carson City 280 $60,880
Las Vegas-Paradise 4,590 $63,790
Reno-Sparks 1,490 $65,030

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of May 2011.

Nevada Schools with Accounting Degree Programs

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University of Nevada (Las Vegas, NV)
4505 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 895-3011

Student Review: “My experience was a good one. I enjoyed learning about the GAAP, how LIFO and FIFO is used in the business world. The teachers in this Accounting school are awesome. They taught me a lot and gave me internships in the summer so I could broaden my experience in the field. UNLV is a great school to attend the accounting school. They offer a variety of opportunities in this field. I would recommend this school to anyone. If an individual is willing to learn and expand their area of thinking then UNLV is the place to be. All the teachers are helpful and offer office hours to assist students.” -Student at University of Nevada Las Vegas

University of Nevada (Reno, NV)
1664 N Virginia St
Reno, NV 89557
(775) 784-1110

Sierra Nevada College (Incline Village, NV)
999 Tahoe Blvd
Incline Village, NV 89451
(775) 831-1314

Great Basin College (Elko, NV)
1500 College Pkwy
Elko, NV 89801
(775) 738-8493

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